NDG Arts Week celebrates the artistic richness and cultural diversity of communities.

Event Details


August 19th to 25th | 10th edition of NDG Arts Week




Different Ways to Participate


NDG Arts Week is always on the look out for volunteers. Every year, the team of volunteers are the supporting cast that makes the festival possible. Interested in being engaged and making a difference? You will be able to fill out our forms soon!

You can contact info@artsndg.ca if you have any further questions.

About NDG Arts Week

Founded in 2009, NDG Arts Week is an annual festival that celebrates the artistic richness and cultural diversity of communities by gathering local and world-class talent. First starting as a weekend event, it has grown into a week-long festival bringing together communities around a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities from visual arts, music, cinema, comedy, and dance, becoming a launching pad for artists in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and a must-attend event for over 10 000 participants.

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