First Thursdays Introduces: Marc Bourgeois

Learn about the explosively colourful and dynamic photography of NDG's own Marc Bourgeois

Who Is

Marc Bourgeois

Marc Bourgeois studied visual arts at UQAM and at University of Leeds (UK), and commercial photography at College Marsan in Montreal. His superimpositions of photographs blend human and abstract shapes to tackle such themes as identity, consciousness and distraction.

Marc Bourgeois' Work

After working as an editorial and events photographer for 5 years, he showed a first series of artwork during Reflections, an exhibition curated by Queens of Art, in Montreal.


This series of superimpositions explores the human psyche in its inconsequential, uncommitted and hyper projecting qualities. In the race to get it all, asking why is a superfluous pit stop. The war for our attention is keeping us gazing at our reflection in a clouded puddle.

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