Donate to Notre-Dame-des-Arts

  1. This is a home-grown, local arts and culture organization.  All of the money stays in NDG and creates jobs for local artists and community leaders.
  2. Diversified funding = healthy organization. Notre-Dame-des-Arts gets some government funding, but we can’t have all our eggs in one basket.  
  3. We can do miracles with your donation.  We hustle like no one else to ensure that artists are paid fairly AND that we can offer over 50 FREE events to the community in 2018!

Other ways that you can support:

  1. Volunteer!  There are many shifts available, with a variety of responsibilities during our events.
  2. Donate a product or service to our raffle!  We are looking for creative gifts that we can use as our raffle this year.  Sweeten the pot with your offer and get valuable local publicity in exchange!
  3. Host a fundraiser!  Throwing a cocktail party?  Celebrating an anniversary? Consider asking for gifts to Notre-Dame-des-Arts in lieu of more stuff that ends up in the landfill.

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