Ms. Holmes

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Athena Holmes is a gender non-binary singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Montreal. They grew up surrounded by stories about their uncle’s jazz and R&B club in Vancouver, where many musicians of colour would go play, including the well known Little Richard.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Inspired by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Ani Difranco, Prince, and Tina Turner, Athena now has their own band, Ms.Holmes, where they play roots, blues, and folk music with bandmates Kento Kataoka, Fernando Gelso, and Alex Lefaivre. After releasing TEN, their band’s first LP, in 2015, Athena Holmes went on to participate in the fifth season of the canadian edition of The Voice in 2017, where they got to work with Pierre and Éric LaPointe and meet many other Canadian artists.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Although they enjoyed their experience performing on TV, they prefer doing live shows where they get to connect with the audience and express themselves through their own music.

The band Ms.Holmes will be performing at Samedi in the Park, on August 26th during Arts Week NDG.

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