Nicolina Servello

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Alongisde Johnny Pedicelli and Johnny D’Amico, Nicolina Servello is part of the Porco family. Pedicelli, D’Amico partnered with Nicolina to introduce the Porchetta sandwiches.


Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

For Nicolina, giving back to the community is essential. Being a part of the NDG Food Depot and a big supporter of the arts and culture, she gives back as much as she can to the community to see it flourish and become full of life.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Already running a succesful Limonata stand, Servello, Pedicelli, and D’Amico, opened the Porco stand and immediately found success during 3 years at the Monkland streetfest, which led to the opening of the brick and mortar located in the Monkland village.

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