Rebel Will

Rebel Will is an up and coming singer-songwriter born and raised in Montreal. He first discovered his passion for music when he learned to play piano as a child.  Considered a simple hobby in the beginning, he took music more seriously as it is the only connection to his father.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Today, he performs under the name Rebel Will and creates music inspired by the artists he admires: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Janet Jackson. His debut EP is a mixture of different sounds, including R&B, hip hop, urban, and soul music.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bock Photography

Rebel Will manages to balance music with other parts of his life; he is able to create, practice, and perform his songs all while attending school. He will be performing during the 14th edition of Street Vibes on August 24th for the 8th edition of NDG Arts Week.

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