Varainja Stock

Co-President of the board & Indie Donor


What motivated you to join the Board of NDG Arts Week?

I have a bad habit of excessive volunteerism. Since moving to Montreal last year I have been in awe of my new home community in NDG, we are a vibrant neighbourhood with a plethora of grassroots led art and political initiatives. I have always placed a high level of value on arts in communities, so when I was approached to join the Board of La Semaine des Arts, a festival that provides and promotes free arts programming for and with the community, I jumped at the opportunity.

Which events are your favourite?

Favourite events… there were so many! Sherbrooke Forest was one of my favourites this year. They held a vernissage by candlelight after the storm took out our beloved park and many people’s (including theirs) electricity. The artwork was phenomenal and by local NDG’ers, and many of the artists were there to talk about their art. Some other favourites were our new event Sunset on Somerled, an event that brought music out onto the street and extended Arts Week into new parts of NDG; Off the Wall, which showcases our neighbourhood in film; and another new event, Comic Camp, a free event specifically for kids.

If you could meet any artist (here or gone) who would it be and why?

Frida Kahlo. Hands down. When I saw her exhibition with Diego Rivera at the AGO in Toronto a few years ago I was in awe of her paintings. Rivera’s work was alright, politically interesting and stylized, but her work pulled me in and I could have spent an entire day just soaking up the richness of her paintings. Her work is also political, even though it isn’t as obviously political in the way that Rivera’s work is. She was fierce and beautiful and you experience that when you come face to face with her paintings.

Why should people become an Indie donor with you?

Arts week is about bringing art to the community, making it accessible to everyone, so that we can all enjoy a rich quality of life. We strive to bring arts week to more of the community by increasing programming and entering previously neglected neighbourhoods. I volunteer as a board member because that is the way that I can personally help ensure that arts programming is available and accessible, and I think that we all strive to contribute in ways that we are able to keep our community vibrant for everyone.

To donate and become and indie donor visit our campaign page: https://fr.ulule.com/semaine-arts-week2017/description/

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